Docket 20-035-04

Application of Rocky Mountain Power for Authority to Increase its Retail Electric Utility Service Rates in Utah and for Approval of its Proposed Electric Service Schedules and Electric Service Regulations

10/19/21 Compliance Tariff Filing

1/13/21 Compliance Tariff Filing

11/12/20 Errata Filing

11/6/20 Phase II - Cost of Service/Pricing Surrebuttal Testimony

11/2/20 Errata Filing for 5/8/20 Direct Testimony of Robert Van Engelenhoven

10/29/20 Phase 1 - Revenue Requirement Surrebuttal Testimony

10/16/20 - Phase II - Cost of Service/Pricing Rebuttal Testimony

10/05/20 Phase I - Revenue Requirement Rebuttal Testimony

09/17/20 Phase 1 - Cost of Capital Rebuttal Testimony

05/08/20 Application