Customer Generation

solar panels

Are you interested in installing solar panels or using other technologies to generate your own power? We can help.

Net Metering

For smaller generation projects – typically up to 25 kW – a net meter is required. A net meter measures the difference between the electricity from the utility used by the customer and the electricity generated and provided back to the utility.

Net metering requirements can be found in our net metering tariffs (see the link below for the requirements in your state). Once the renewable generator is installed and approved to code, a net metering agreement is signed and a new meter is installed.

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Utah Solar Incentive Program

Rocky Mountain Power’s Utah Solar Incentive Program (USIP) has been expanded through 2017 by the Utah Public Service Commission. The program helps ease the cost of going solar.

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Customer generation & qualifying facilities

For larger generation projects – greater than 25 kW – please find information on qualifying facilities, grid connection requests and market-based incentives.

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wattsmart energy efficiency programs

Energy efficiency is the most cost-effective resource available, so it's a great idea to maximize your facility's efficiency before you install a solar system. We offer cash incentives to help you be wattsmart to save both energy and money.

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Customer Service

Customer Service

Customer service

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