Wattsmart batteries

At Rocky Mountain Power, we are working to find new ways for our community to use energy efficiently. When you participate in our Wattsmart Battery program, we'll automatically manage your battery as part of our smart power grid.


  • Get an upfront incentive when you enroll.
  • Earn ongoing bill credits.
  • Help create a healthier environment.
  • Keep electric prices among the nation's lowest. 
  • Use renewable energy effectively.

Review the customer information handout. Questions? Email us.
Are you a battery manufacturer? Find details on participation. 
Are you a trade ally? Review the vendor information video and handout

See how the program works

Incentives are based on battery size

  Enrollment Incentive
(one-time upfront cash payment)
Participation Incentive
(annual bill credit)
Residential Batteries $400 per kW* (based on 4-year commitment) $15 per kW
Commercial Batteries $600 per kW* (based on 4-year commitment) $15 per kW
Example Incentive 6 kW x $400 = $2,400 6 kW x $15 = $90

*Solar applicants prior to September 1, 2021 are eligible for an enrollment incentive of $600 kW.