Utah Subscriber Solar Program

Solar power. No roof required.

Our Subscriber Solar program, which allows customers to get some or all of their energy from solar power, is fully subscribed. We invite interested customers to join the wait list. As blocks become available, customers on the wait list can subscribe. You can join the wait list now by contacting a Subscriber Solar agent at 1-844-813-3971 for assistance.

Rocky Mountain Power developed the Subscriber Solar program to give customers the ability to use solar power even if they cannot afford or do not want solar panels on their home. Additionally, we provide the option to participate in the Blue Sky renewable energy program.

PDF Click here for the 2017 Subscriber Solar Newsletter.

Quick facts about Rocky Mountain Power’s Subscriber Solar program:

  • Rocky Mountain Power has purchased the output of a 20-megawatt solar plant in Millard County, Utah for Subscriber Solar participants.
  • Customers subscribe in blocks of 200-kilowatt-hours (kwh), which offset usage on their energy bills.
  • Customers can keep their subscription for up to 20 years. If they move to another site in Utah served by Rocky Mountain Power, their solar blocks go with them.
  • Once enrolled, customers have 30 days to cancel blocks to avoid a $50 cancellation fee per block. Fees are waived if you keep your subscription for at least three years.

Watch the video below to see how the program works

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