Customer generation

To help meet our customers' electricity needs, we're committed to using cost-effective renewable energy sources.

We partner with our customers to ensure safe and reliable interconnection of customer-owned private generation systems with the electric grid.

Application process for rooftop solar and other smaller systems

Steps and application

QUOTES: Obtain quotes and choose a reputable installer. Review this checklist.

APPLICATION STATUS: Check the status of your application.

APPLY: Submit an online application with the proposed system, including a picture of the meter.

  1. Wait for review and confirmation authorizing the interconnection.
  2. Get permits and install your system, but don’t turn it on yet.
  3. Have your system inspected, take a picture and let us know. Upload the inspection and a picture of the safety signs, then sign the electronic signature request.
  4. Give us 7-10 days to install the meter. We’ll let you know when you can turn your system on.
  5. Generate your own renewable energy!



Review additional resources for your state

Large interconnections

If you want to generate electricity from renewable resources to cover a portion of your needs, but still want electricity from Rocky Mountain Power's system, then a Partial Requirements agreement may be right for you.

Qualifying facilities

If you are planning a larger generation project – greater than 25 kW – and plan to sell power to Rocky Mountain Power, information is available on qualifying facilities, grid connection requests and market-based incentives.



Your solar application

Apply & review status

Renewable energy

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