Customer generation FAQ

How is customer generation billed?

You will receive a bill that is similar to your existing electric bill.

For net metering systems, the kilowatt-hours (kWh) that you over produce, if any, will be on your bill statement. If you have excess over production, it will apply to future billings within the annual period.

Why is my bill so high?

Here are a few things to consider when reviewing your bill:

  1. You will always receive a monthly electric bill because there is a basic charge each month.
  2. You use the energy your generation system is producing before any energy registers through the grid.
  3. Did you make any changes in your home after you purchased your generation system?  Adding a new appliance or space heater can often increase your electricity usage.
  4. If your home or business is using more power than your generating system is producing, you will consume energy from the grid.
  5. Anything that heats or cools, major appliances, or anything that has a motor will use the most electricity.
  6. When trying to determine why your bill is more than expected, consider season changes and if it has been colder or warmer than usual during winter or summer.
  7. Solar panels are not producing energy during nighttime hours – you still need electricity from the grid.
  8. If your home or business uses air conditioning in the summer, you may be consuming more power than your solar panels are producing even when there are more sunlight hours.

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