Wastewater and other refrigeration

Municipalities can reap savings by improving the efficiency of water and wastewater treatment facilities.

Adaptive refrigeration controls and fast acting doors can help to reduce refrigeration costs.

Our Wattsmart® Business program can partner with you to achieve significant cost savings with energy upgrades. 

Through energy efficiency upgrades, Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District is saving over $800,000 a year in energy costs.

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Wastewater and other refrigeration incentives in Utah

  1. Obtain a wastewater and other refrigeraton incentive application package from us.
  2. Purchase and install a qualifying unit at an eligible location.
  3. Submit your incentive application package with IRS Form W-9.
  4. Receive incentive check within 45 days of completion of step 3.
Equipment type Replace With Customer incentive
Wastewater – low power mixer Excess aeration capacity Extended range circulator $0.15/kWh annual energy savings
Adaptive refrigeration control Conventional controls (defrost timeclock, space thermostat, evaporator fan control, if any, thermal expansion valve in some instances) Adaptive refrigeration controller and, in some instances, electric expansion valve $0.15/kWh annual energy savings
Fast acting door Manually operated door, automatic door with long cycle time, strip curtain, or entryway with no door in refrigerated/conditioned space Fast acting door $0.15/kWh annual energy savings


1.     Equipment that meets or exceeds the efficiency requirements above may qualify for the listed incentive.

2.     Incentives are capped at 70 percent in energy efficiency project costs and incentives will not be available to reduce the energy efficiency project simple payback below one year. Energy savings and energy efficiency project costs are subject to Rocky Mountain Power approval.

3. The maximum allowable incentive rates for energy-savings measures are posted in the most current Schedule 140 tariff as approved by the Public Service Commission of Utah.

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Custom incentives

Doing something that’s not on the list? Larger and more complex projects may qualify for a custom analysis. Note: Custom incentives require pre-approval.

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