Appliances and office equipment

Our Wattsmart® Business program includes cash incentives for upgrading residential heat pump water heaters used in a business, along with commercial clothes washers (for customers with electric water heat and/or an electric clothes dryer), and smart power strips. 

Additional incentives are also available for food service equipment

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Incentives for appliances and office equipment in Utah

  1. Obtain an appliance and office incentive application package from us or a Wattsmart Business Vendor.
  2. Purchase and install a qualifying unit at an eligible location.
  3. Submit your incentive application with IRS Form W-9.
  4. Receive incentive check within 45 days of completion of step 3.

Equipment type

Equipment category

Minimum efficiency requirement

Customer incentive

High-efficiency clothes washer

Commercial (must have electric water heating and/or electric clothes dryer)

ENERGY STAR qualified


Heat pump water heater

Residential (used in a business)

See Home Energy Savings program

Smart plug strip


Incentive applies to any plug strip that eliminates idle or stand-by power consumption of connected plug-load appliance through use of an occupancy sensor, electric load sensor or timer.

Applies only to electric plug-load applications (e.g. computer monitors, desk lamps, etc.)

$5/qualifying unit

Engine block heater controls N/A

Unit must be on the Qualified Engine Block Heater list at the time of purchase.


Unit must be a hard-wired outlet, portable, or engine-mounted thermostatically controlled heater.


See food service equipment for additional incentives.

Notes for appliance and office incentives:

  1. Equipment that meets or exceeds the efficiency requirements listed for the equipment category in the above table may qualify for the listed incentive.
  2. Equipment must meet the efficiency rating standard that is in effect on the date of purchase.
  3. Refer to Rocky Mountain Power’s Home Energy Savings program at for efficiency requirements and incentives for listed residential appliances used in a business.
  4. The maximum allowable incentive rates for energy-savings measures are posted in the most current Schedule 140 tariff as approved by the Public Service Commission of Utah.

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