Safety and reliability, year-round

We work 24/7 to keep the power on safely and reliably, even in extreme weather. That’s why we’re building our system to be more resilient long term for all seasons and weather conditions. We’re investing nearly half a billion dollars across our system in wildfire mitigation strategies over the coming years. This includes developing an industry-leading meteorology program, rebuilding portions of the grid with equipment upgrades, and using advanced technology to monitor the system while increasing inspections and vegetation maintenance on our lines.

It’s all part of our commitment to continue delivering reliable service now and for decades to come.

Stay informed

Information is critical during an emergency. Please update your contact information so we can reach you if necessary.

Or call us at 1-888-221-7070.

Our ongoing work to increase safety and resiliency in your community

What we're doing

Backed by a big investment and a targeted, informed strategy, we're hardening our grid from end to end.

Enhanced safety settings

In areas with elevated fire risk, we may place electrical equipment on more sensitive settings. 

Public Safety Power Shutoff

In response to elevated fire-risk conditions, we may proactively turn off power in specific areas.

Emergency de-energization

When wildfires get too close to our equipment we will do an emergency de-energization, shutting off power to our lines to reduce wildfire risk.

What you can do

Prepare your home

Get simple tips to help protect your home by maintaining and reducing vegetation on your property.

Create an emergency plan

With a simple plan and the right supplies, your family can be ready for an emergency.

Backup power safety

Find out more about generators and how to use them safely.

Plan for medical needs

If you have medical equipment that requires electricity, we offer programs and resources to help. 

Our plans and projects

Wildfire mitigation plans

See how we've taken a comprehensive approach to mitigating and creating greater resilience against wildfire risks in the West.

Salt Lake City Foothills project

To provide safe, reliable service, we're planning to reconstruct a transmission line in the Salt Lake City Foothills to mitigate wildfire risk. 

Big Cottonwood Canyon project

Construction in Big Cottonwood Canyon will improve overhead power lines to mitigate wildfire threats along S.R. 190.

Millcreek Canyon project

The Millcreek Canyon Wildfire Mitigation project will relocate the overhead distribution lines underground within Millcreek Canyon Road.

Puede hablar con un agente de servicio al cliente sobre cómo prepararse y qué medidas de seguridad tomar para los incendios forestales. Llame al 888-221-7070.

Kui kan’ani xi na’I kaston’o sa’a ña kutua’ani te ña kui kidani ta kiño’o yuku yoton, kan’ani 888-221- 7070.

Whak nheo bene llun xhinlago nha nhelee, akre unha lkues nha bii llaxgenha dá ghapchi nhada kate xde yii lixhe. Nheo: 888 221 7070

请致电 888-221-7070,向客服专员了解森林火灾安全与防范详情。

請致電 888-221-7070,向客服專員瞭解森林火災安全與防範詳情。

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Ang isang ahente ng pangangalaga sa customer ay maaaring makipag-usap sa iyo tungkol sa kaligtasan at paghahanda sa mabilis na kumakalat na sunog o wildfire. Mangyaring tumawag sa 888-221-7070.

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