Public Safety Power Shutoff

A Public Safety Power Shutoff is a new measure designed to help keep people and communities in high-risk areas safe, by proactively shutting off power during extreme and dangerous weather conditions that can result in catastrophic wildfires. This measure would only be taken as a last resort to help ensure customer and community safety.

As part of this effort, Rocky Mountain Power is working with local emergency services agencies, the Utah Department of Forestry, and community leaders across Utah, Idaho and Wyoming to expand and enhance existing emergency response plans and work in coordination with our communities.

Rocky Mountain Power has identified specific areas that we serve as being at an increased risk of catastrophic wildfires. We developed the “Fire High Consequence Map” using information from a third-party analysist specializing in wildfire risk modeling. In the rare event of a Public Safety Power Shutoff, we would turn off power on a circuit by circuit basis, based on weather conditions and real-time, situational information.

Given the highly situational nature of a Public Safety Power Shutoff, it is impossible to predict the customers that may be impacted. The specific area and number of affected customers will depend on forecasted weather conditions.

Our goal will always be to impact as few customers as possible and apply Public Safety Power Shutoff measures in a highly-targeted, circuit by circuit manner. The number of customers impacted will depend on the specific forecasted weather conditions each region. 

Public Safety Power Shutoff Handout

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