Public Safety Power Shutoff

Some areas we serve are at an increased risk of catastrophic wildfires. As a safety precaution, electricity could be turned off in wildfire high risk areas during extreme weather events for public safety in an effort to prevent a fast-moving, hard to fight wildfire. The measure would only be used as a last resort to help ensure community safety.  

The goal is to impact as few customers as possible in pre-identified areas through a highly-targeted, circuit by circuit manner in the rare chance a Public Safety Power Shutoff is used. 

Check if you’re in a Public Safety Power Shutoff area 

The outlined areas on the map represent potential Public Safety Power Shutoff areas. Enter your address below to see if you are located within one.* You can click on an area of the map to see the zone name that corresponds to the table below. 

*Some customers outside of Public Safety Power Shutoff areas could be impacted by a Public Safety Power Shutoff due to the interconnected nature of the electrical grid.


Normal: No Public Safety Power Shutoff events are anticipated.

Watch: This area is being monitored for elevated weather conditions that could lead to a Public Safety Power Shutoff.

Event: This area is currently experiencing or forecasted to experience a Public Safety Power Shutoff during elevated weather conditions.