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We believe that affordability and sustainability go hand in hand and together, they form the foundation for a reliable, resilient energy future—where regional and state economies benefit from investments in energy resources and infrastructure that help them pioneer new growth opportunities.

We’re already the largest regulated utility owner of wind power in the West, and we’re just getting started.

Our performance, by the numbers

Our customers inspire us every day. Here are some of the ways we're creating a sustainable future:

Through these and other strategic actions, we’re keeping our prices among the lowest in the nation, while steadily increasing renewable energy.

Connecting the West with renewable energy

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Renewable resources

We are significantly expanding our wind energy capacity through our Energy Vision 2020 initiative.

Clean transportation

We've added several battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles to our fleet. Plus, we’ve partnered with customers to add 2,300 EV charging stations for workplace and public use.


Energy efficiency

Saving energy conserves resources, reduces emissions and keeps costs low. To help customers save, we offer Wattsmart programs and incentives for energy upgrades.

Habitat protection

Preserving land is essential to sustaining healthy communities. That’s why we take care of 46,000 acres of land for wildlife habitat and recreation.

Renewable energy

Blue Sky

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Integrated resource plan

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