Big savings on energy-efficient upgrades

Looking to meet your energy goals and boost your bottom line at the same time? Wattsmart Business has the technical expertise to help you get there.

From lighting to HVAC to commercial appliances, see our full list of incentives available for energy-efficient upgrades.

Incentives and assistance for every type of business

Small and medium businesses

We can help your small or medium business with upgrades to LED lighting and more. 

Large businesses

Get technical assistance and cash incentives to save money, improve operations and achieve your goals.


We can help your farm or dairy improve your efficiency and grow your bottom line. 

Here to help you meet your energy goals

Energy benchmarking

Request whole-building, historic electrical usage data that can be used with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.

Energy profiler

Track your energy costs and manage monthly demand charges to help your business save money.

Wattsmart Batteries

If you have onsite solar generation, you can earn incentives for allowing us to automatically manage your battery as part of our smart grid.


Rocky Mountain Power teams up with National Energy Improvement Fund to help businesses pay for energy upgrades.

Find a vendor

Ready to get started? We can help you find a Wattsmart Business Vendor who is up to speed on Rocky Mountain Power's incentives.



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