Utah small and medium businesses

We know how many priorities you're juggling to keep your business running smoothly. That's why we offer convenient programs designed to save you money and time. 

Choose from convenient lighting updates, incentive lists and project financing.

When Lucy Cardenas and Bill Coker wanted to upgrade to LED lighting for their Red Iguana restaurants, they turned to Rocky Mountain Power.

Incentive lists

Get cash incentives for common upgrades to lighting, HVAC, compressed air and other equipment.


Rocky Mountain Power teams up with National Energy Improvement Fund to help businesses pay for energy upgrades.

Small Business Enhanced

Take advantage of this unique offering for small businesses and save money, energy and improve your space when upgrading existing lighting systems.

Find a vendor

We can help you find a Wattsmart Business Vendor who is up to speed on Rocky Mountain Power's incentives.

Energy management

Get help to optimize your energy systems by performing no- or low-cost improvements that save time and money.  

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