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Spring 2024

As spring weather brings us outdoors again, it's a great time to reflect on the positive environmental impact Blue Sky® participants have made. In the last year, the Blue Sky program has helped drive demand for more renewable energy in the West and supported community-based renewable energy projects that are making a significant impact on our region.

In this edition of the Forecast, we’re excited to highlight some additional programs that might be useful to you in 2024, and share the tangible ways you’re helping to create a brighter tomorrow for future generations through Blue Sky.

Thank you for being a part of the Blue Sky community!

Explore your Blue Sky impact

Leading the way to a brighter future

Blue Sky participants made an impact

Small changes can make a lasting impact

Environmental action tips from the Blue Sky community!

Rocky Mountain Power’s bill assistance programs

Plans are available to customers experiencing financial hardships

Optimizing your energy costs

Rocky Mountain Power’s time-based pricing plans

Blue Sky business partners going above and beyond

Rocky Mountain Power Blue Sky business partners grow in number

Lander senior center receives Blue Sky grant

A new community-based renewable energy project