Blue Sky community project applications

Blue Sky® program customers help fund the installation of renewable energy projects in communities across Utah, Wyoming and Idaho. These projects are part of a solution for our future and help build the communities we serve.

Blue Sky community project funding comes from customers participating in the Blue Sky program and is available to help cover the capital costs of installing new renewable energy systems for non-residential, community-serving sites within Rocky Mountain Power's service area. 



Nine new projects were funded in 2022 totaling more than $2.1 million. We are excited to be a part of communities and provide more funding for new renewable projects. 

Projects are selected through a competitive evaluation process and funding is limited. We are looking for projects that include advanced new and emerging technologies. Projects must include battery storage and participate in our Watsmart battery program if available in the state. Project applications will be weighted based on the community need, innovative nature and matching funds. Please send inquiries to


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