Arc flash and fault current

For information related to arc flash and secondary faults, contact Rocky Mountain Power at 1-888-221-7070. You will be placed in contact with one of our local engineers who can assist you.

Customers and their consultants should read the "Cover Sheet" tab and complete the “Request Form (Customer)” of engineering form 105F below.

105F: Arc Flash and Secondary Fault Current Information Requests

In providing the information contained herein, the recipient acknowledges and understands that Pacific Power provides this information based on the information in its files and other information available to it at the time of the request. The data will change over time based on changes in load and other dynamic elements of Pacific Power's electrical system. Pacific Power has not independently verified the accuracy of this information for the purposes for which it may be used by the recipient. Furthermore, recipient understands and acknowledges that Pacific Power has no responsibility, liability, obligation, or duty for the recipient’s electrical system on the customer side of the electrical meter.