Applicant-built line extensions

State electric utility regulations allow applicants (developers) to arrange for the installation of the line extension infrastructure for their site.

Applicants must first contract with Rocky Mountain Power, use an approved design and abide by approved construction and material standards. The applicant controls the work schedule, site rules and installation cost.

Developers who have used the applicant-built process report that it helps them to better manage their construction cycle.

Applicant-Built Line Extensions Flyer

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To initiate an applicant-built project, or for questions about an existing project, call toll free at 1-800-469-3981 and tell the agent you are calling about an applicant-built project. A local Rocky Mountain Power representative will be assigned to work with you during the process and will contact you following your inquiry.

If you are a developer and have a general question abut the applicant-built process, contact the Applicant-Built Program Manager at 801-220-2424.