Whole building new construction and major renovation

Rocky Mountain Power is pleased to reward customers who design, build/renovate and operate high efficiency buildings. Our Wattsmart® Whole Building incentive provides significant financial motivation across Utah’s building community – investors, owners, contractors, architects/designers, operators and tenants. 

Our incentives help:

  • Pay for energy analysis during programming/early design phases.
  • Reduce “first costs” of higher efficiency equipment.
  • Reward building owners, managers and tenants for operating their whole building optimally.

Our Whole Building approach incorporates all interactive aspects of a building—from shell to HVAC and from lighting to controls—not just one or a few equipment types.

This new approach provides significantly more money for customers who bring us into their planning process early—before the Owner Project Requirements (OPR) document is created—so our no-cost energy modeling and engineering assistance can be considered before big decisions are finalized.

Our offering provides significantly less funding to customers who bring us in after the OPR is created.

The end result of our Whole Building incentives are buildings that cost less to operate, deliver a more sustainable balance sheet, attracts more stable tenants, and creates financial value that owners can either pocket or pass on to tenants.

Starting the Whole Building incentive process is easy. Call 1-800-931-4113, email newconstruction@resource-innovations.com, or talk with your Regional Business Manager and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Incentives for Whole Building New Construction