Small changes can make a lasting impact

Environmental action tips from the Blue Sky community

Each year, we ask Blue Sky participants to share their sustainability tips for going above and beyond for the environment, in addition to being enrolled in Blue Sky. We just got a fresh batch of suggestions from the Blue Sky community, and we’re excited to share them with you. We hope you can use a few in your own home!

“Choose fertilizers that work in harmony with the earth and all its inhabitants.”

    -          Blue Sky Participant for 1 year

“When your water heater is physically far from your shower, run the water into a five gallon bucket until it gets warm, and use that water on your plants or to flush the toilet (a couple times) instead of just wasting it down the drain.”

    -          Blue Sky Participant for 20+ years

“Recycle food scraps in your yard debris bin, if your garbage service allows it.”

    -          Blue Sky Participant for 5+ years

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