Getting to know your new meter

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Your online account is your new home base where you’ll see the information that your upgraded meter has to offer. And it’s where you’ll get access to tips and tools designed to give you more control of your monthly bill.

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The power of understanding

When you sign in, you'll see your energy usage broken down into monthly, daily, and even hourly levels. Business accounts can view their usage in even smaller increments.

Once you get a sense of your usage patterns, you can use your knowledge of your own household or business to pinpoint opportunities to conserve energy and save money.

For example, if you notice that your house uses a lot of energy when you turn your lights on in the evenings, you may decide to replace traditional light bulbs with energy-saving LEDs.

Less guessing. More control.

You can see your projected bill for the month from your online account, along with current information on your energy usage.

You can also set a monthly billing threshold to help with your budget. If it starts to look like you’re going to exceed your threshold, we’ll send you an alert (by text or email—your choice!). That way you always know what to expect and can then choose to take action to potentially lower your bill.

Another way to control your energy costs is with Time of Day pricing. With this plan, customers are rewarded with lower prices if they shift energy to off-peak hours when the demand for electricity is lower.

Better for the environment

You can also sign up for paperless billing. It’s a secure and reliable way to receive your monthly bills while reducing your environmental impact. And, if you’d like, we can even send you alerts to let you know when your bill is ready.

When you’re ready to dig deeper, you’ll find tips and tools for homes and businesses for making efficiency upgrades, including available rebates for your area.