Wyoming regulatory filings

Advice filings, applications and associated testimony and selected exhibits filed by the company and submitted to the Wyoming Public Service Commission for approval can be found in this section.  Information in this section is organized by Docket Number and/or Advice Number.

  • Docket 20000 560 EA 19 Rocky Mountain Power's Application to Decrease Rates by $0.4 Million Under Tariff Schedule 197, 2017 Federal Tax Act Adjustment
  • Docket 20000 558 EM 19 Rocky Mountain Power's 2019 Energy Cost Adjustment Mechanism (ECAM) and 2019 Renewable Energy Credit and Sulfur Dioxide Revenue Credit Mechanism (RRA) Application
  • Docket 20000 553 EN 19 Application for A Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity to Construct New Wind Turbines and Update Collector Lines at the Existing Foote Creek I Wind Energy Facility
  • Docket 20000 550 EA 18 In the Matter Of the Application of Rocky Mountain Power for an Accounting Order for Settlement Charges Related to its Pension Plans
  • Docket 20000 545 ET 18 Application for Modification of Avoided Cost Methodology and Reduced Contract Term of PURPA Power Purchase Agreements with Qualifying Facilities
  • Docket 20000 520 EA 17 Application for Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity and Nontraditional Ratemaking for Wind and Transmission Facilities
  • Docket 20000 518 EA 17 Application for Approval of Schedule 37 Standard Rates for Purchases of Power from Qualifying Facilities