Wyoming Regulatory Information

This section contains rules/regulations and tariff schedules that are currently in effect. PacifiCorp seeks to keep this information accurate and current.  However, the only tariffs that are actually in force are on file with the Wyoming Public Service Commission.

Rate Schedules

Schedule # Class of Service
Rule # Class of Service

Advice filings, applications and associated testimony & selected exhibits filed by the company and submitted to the Commission for approval can be found in this section.  Information in this section is organized by Docket Number and/or Advice Number.

Filing # Filing Title

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Docket 20000 422 EA 12

Application for Approval of a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity to Convert the Red Butte Substation and Existing 69 kV Transmission Line to 115 kV

11/09/12 CPCN Application
pdf Cover Letter and Application

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Docket 20000 427 EA 13

Application for an Order Authorizing a Change in Depreciation Rates Applicable to Electric Property

09/19/13 Supplemental Testimony
pdf WY 20000 427 EA 13 Supp Testimony
07/26/13 Rebuttal Testimony and Exhibits
pdf 1 Cover Letter
pdf 2 Henry E Lay
pdf 3 John J Spanos
pdf 4 K Ian Andrews
01/22/13 Direct Testimony and Exhibits
pdf Cover Letter and Application
pdf Henry E Lay
pdf John J Spanos
pdf K Ian Andrews

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Docket 20000 435 EA 13

Schedule 38 - Avoided Cost Purchases from Non-Standard Qualifying Facilities

01/22/14 Errata
pdf WY 20000 435 EA 13 Errata Sch 38
01/17/14 Revised Application
pdf WY 20000 435 EA 13 Revised Application
10/18/13 Application Amend Sch 38
pdf WY 20000- -EA-13 Schedule 38 Application Advice Dist 10-18-13

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Docket 20000 444 EA 14

Application for Approval of a CPCN to Construct the Bar Nunn Substation and Four Miles of 115 kV Transmission Line

01/29/14 Application for CPCN Bar Nunn Substation
pdf Application

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Docket 20000 446 ER 14

2014 General Rate Case

03/03/14 Direct Testimony and Exhibits
pdf 1 Cover Letter Application
pdf 2 Notice of Application
pdf 3 Petition for Confidential Treatment
pdf 4 A Richard Walje
pdf 5 Bruce N Williams
pdf 6 Samuel C Hadaway
pdf 7 Steven R McDougal
pdf 8 Kelcey A Brown
pdf 9 Gregory N Duvall Redacted
pdf 10 Cindy A Crane redacted
pdf 11 Rick T Link Redacted
pdf 12 Chad A Teply redacted
pdf 13 Dana M Ralston
pdf 14 Mark R Tallman
pdf 15 Natalie L Hocken
pdf 16 Douglas N Bennion
pdf 17 Erich D Wilson
pdf 18 Douglas K Stuver
pdf 19 Joelle R Steward
pdf 20 F Robert Stewart

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Docket 20000 448 ET 14

Application to Amend Rule 26 - Network Performance Standards for Revised Baselines

04/01/14 Application to Amend Rule 26
pdf WY 20000 448 ET 14 Rule 26

For more than a century, Rocky Mountain Power has provided safe, reliable and competitively-priced electric service, and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you, our Wyoming customers. While price increases are necessary at times to support the costs of maintaining the quality of service our customers deserve and expect and to comply with state and federal requirements, we are committed to controlling expenses and helping customers save money by using electricity efficiently. Working together, electricity in Wyoming can remain a good value now and into the future.


Annual cost adjustments proposed for 2014

Rocky Mountain Power is required to adjust its Wyoming prices each year, either up or down, to match customer prices with certain actual expenses and revenues that can fluctuate significantly. These annual adjustments must be approved by the Wyoming Public Service Commission before they can take effect.

The company has requested 2014 price changes through its Energy Cost Adjustment Mechanism (ECAM) and REC and SO2 Revenue Adjustment Mechanism (RRA), which if approved by the Wyoming Public Service Commission would result in an overall average increase of approximately 3 percent, to occur on May 15. A residential customer with average electricity use of 780 kilowatt-hours per month would see a monthly increase of about $1.77.

The ECAM and RRA processes address separate costs from those included in the company’s pending general price increase request, which if approved would take effect in January 2015.

Through the ECAM, expenses such as fuel for power plants, purchased power and the cost to deliver electricity on transmission lines owned by others, as well as revenue from market energy sales to other providers, are examined to more closely match actual costs with the prices customers pay for electricity. Wyoming customers only pay for their portion of these energy costs.

Through the RRA, forecast revenues for market sales of renewable energy credits and sulfur dioxide emission allowances are examined and compared to actual revenues, and prices are adjusted accordingly.

For several years, Wyoming customers have received significant benefit from the company’s sale of RECs and SO2 emission allowances because 100 percent of the revenues are passed on to customers. However, the amount of that credit has been drastically reduced over the past two years, largely due to changes in California law that have greatly diminished the market for sales of REC and SO2 emission allowances by out-of-state providers.

Rocky Mountain Power continues to do everything possible to control costs and ensure that any expenses provide clear value for our customers.

For questions about electricity bills, customers can call anytime, toll free at 1-888-221-7070. Customers can also visit wattsmart.com for information about ways to save energy and money by making energy efficiency improvements.

For questions, please email or call us anytime, toll free at 1-888-221-7070 (residential) or 1-866-870-3419 (business).

Keeping Wyoming Electricity Prices a Good Value

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