Utah regulatory filings

Advice filings, applications and associated testimony and selected exhibits filed by the company and submitted to the Utah Public Service Commission for approval can be found in this section.  Information in this section is organized by Docket Number and/or Advice Number.

  • Advice 19 16 Schedule 120, Plug-in Electric Vehicle Incentive Pilot Program
  • Docket 19 035 42 Application of Rocky Mountain Power for Approval of the 2020 Inter-Jurisdictional Cost Allocation Agreement
  • Advice 19 08 Schedule 37 - Avoided Cost Purchases from Qualifying Facilities
  • Docket 19 035 T06 Application for Approval of an Indoor Agricultural Lighting Tariff, Electric Service Schedule 22
  • Docket 19 035 12 Application Requesting Approval of the Amended Electric Service Agreement Between Rocky Mountain Power and Hurricane City, Utah
  • Docket 19 035 01 Application to Increase the Deferred Rate through the Energy Balancing Account Mechanism
  • Docket 19 035 09 Application for Approval of the Master Electric Service Agreement between PacifiCorp and Utah Refractories Corporation
  • Docket 18 035 48 In the Matter of the Application of Rocky Mountain Power for an Accounting Order for Settlement Charges Related to its Pension Plans
  • Docket 18 035 36 In the Matter of the Application of Rocky Mountain Power for Authority to Change its Depreciation Rates Effective January 1, 2021
  • Docket 17 035 61 Application to Establish Export Credits for Customer Generated Electricity
  • Docket 17 035 40 Application for Approval of a Significant Energy Resource Decision and Voluntary Request for Approval of Resource Decision
  • Docket 17 035 39 Application for Approval of Resource Decision to Repower Wind Facilities
  • Docket 17 035 23 Application for Approval of the 2017 Renewable Resources Request for Proposals (2017R RFP)
  • Docket 16 035 36 Application to Implement Programs Authorized by the Sustainable Transportation and Energy Plan Act (STEP)
  • Docket 15 035 84 Application for Approval of Purchase and Transfer Agreement and Power Supply Agreement with Navajo Tribal Utility Authority and Amendment to CPCN