Rocky Mountain Power ends Public Safety Power Shutoff watch for Cedar City; continues to monitor Provo Canyon

November 07, 2020

Rocky Mountain Power has ended a Public Safety Power Shutoff for Cedar City, but continues to closely monitor weather conditions in wildfire high risk areas in Provo Canyon this weekend.

Extended drought has made vegetation extremely dry and very susceptible to any spark. Even with cooler temperatures that could moderate fire behavior during evening hours, the fire season will not be over until these areas receive a season-ending weather event. This will require substantial rain or snow across a two- or three-day period. 

With arrival of a winter storm front Saturday, wind conditions eased in the Cedar City area this afternoon, prompting the end to the Public Safety Power Shutoff watch. For the Provo Canyon area, the watch will continue, and be re-evaluated at 7 p.m.

“We’re grateful that weather conditions did not require a power shutoff,” said Curt Mansfield, vice president, Rocky Mountain Power. “We will continue to watch the Provo Canyon area. If winds ease, and rain and snow arrive, we’re hopeful to end the watch there as well.”

Weather conditions that were forecasted for Friday and Saturday — low humidity, dry vegetation, winds and elevated counts on key weather indexes — had the potential to meet the criteria for a Public Safety Power Shutoff in the Provo Canyon and Cedar City areas.

As a public safety precaution to prevent wildfire, electricity could be turned off in wildfire high risk areas during extreme weather events. The measure is only used as a last resort to help ensure community safety and is designed to impact as few customers as possible in pre-identified areas through a highly-targeted, circuit-by-circuit manner.

Public Safety Power Shutoff events are part of Rocky Mountain Power’s comprehensive wildfire prevention plan, which includes additional safety inspections, upgrades to the grid system, and weather stations to monitor for hazardous conditions.

Rocky Mountain Power first introduced Public Safety Power Shutoffs in 2019 to customers in communities where the new wildfire mitigation measure could potentially be implemented.

Turning off power during a Public Safety Power Shutoff is done to prevent sparks resulting from wind-blown or falling debris damaging power lines. After extreme weather conditions have subsided, Rocky Mountain Power will complete line inspections and re-energize the lines in the event of a power shutoff.

Customers will receive follow-up notifications in advance should a shut-off event be initiated. For all non-emergency questions about the Public Safety Power Shutoff watch, customers and the public should call Rocky Mountain Power at 1-888-221-7070. Customers should also update their contact information to allow the company to provide emergency updates.

Visit for additional information on Public Safety Power Shutoffs and wildfire mitigation practices.