Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue Sky renewable energy program keeps delivering for customers

SALT LAKE CITY — Thanks to over 60,000 residential and business customers who choose Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue Sky renewable energy, the popular program ranks second in a national study by the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) for green power sales.  

The NREL recently released its ranking of leading utility green power programs based on 2020 data. For the 19th consecutive year, PacifiCorp’s Blue Sky program – which includes Pacific Power and Rocky Mountain Power customers – is being recognized. 

“One-by-one our customers are choosing to make an individual impact by supporting additional renewable energy and local community projects through Blue Sky,” said William Comeau, vice president of customer experience and innovation. “We’re immensely proud of our Blue Sky participants for achieving this national recognition. Their ongoing support allows us to offer Blue Sky to our customers as we have since 2000, when we became one of the first utilities in the nation to make renewable energy options available.” 

Rocky Mountain Power Blue Sky participation consistently increases about 6 percent year over year. Continual growth is anticipated in the future as increasing numbers of customers choose to support renewable energy.

“Our Blue Sky participants voluntarily support our program to help bring renewable energy awareness into the forefront of everyday life and lead the way toward a more robust renewable energy future,” said Comeau. 

How Blue Sky works

Blue Sky allows customers to match their energy usage with the purchase of renewable energy credits (RECs). It’s a simple way for participants to support new renewable energy in the West, above and beyond PacifiCorp’s substantial and growing commitment to renewables.

Funds from Blue Sky participants’ support has allowed Rocky Mountain Power to partner with community organizations to fund more than 185 local renewable projects over the years. These projects have helped community organizations save money on electricity costs and further invest in their missions. 

Rocky Mountain Power customers who want to sign up for a renewable power option may call toll free at 800-769-3717 or visit

The Top 10 utility green pricing program listing is compiled by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in the following categories: total sales of renewable energy, total number of customer participants, customer participation rate, green power as a percentage of overall sales, price premium and percentage of solar energy.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory green power rankings are available at