Advancing smart grid solutions

To give customers more insight into their energy use and for faster outage response, we’re piloting the use of smart grid technology. 

In many areas, we’re installing upgraded meters for a smart grid. The smart grid uses digital sensors and automated controls to create a more resilient and efficient power system.

Using two-way communication between the sensors, the smart grid can automatically reroute the flow of energy when an outage occurs anywhere in its system. The result: outages that are less common and less extensive.

That two-way communication capability also means that we can pinpoint problems and more accurately identify energy demand. During high-use periods, for example, new meters can help the grid shift power to where it’s needed, avoiding brown-outs by preventing the grid from being overloaded.

The smart grid also increases the overall efficiency of the energy system and improves our ability to integrate clean, renewable energy sources.

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