Wattsmart multifamily program

Multifamily properties in Utah with four or more units can get cash incentives for energy-efficient upgrades and new construction, including:

  • Appliances
  • Building shell
  • HVAC
  • Lighting 
  • Weatherization
  • Water heating

Our experts will identify energy-saving opportunities at your new or existing property. You choose what energy-efficient equipment to install, and we help you earn incentives for your project.

International Center for Appropriate and Sustainable Technology, or ICAST, administers the program. 

Utah multifamily program steps and incentives

Steps for existing buildings
  1. Before you install energy efficiency products at your property, please email or call our program administrator at RMP@icastusa.org or 1-866-739-9741 to request a free energy audit.
  2. We conduct a free on-site energy audit and provide a report that confirms your incentive amount.
  3. You decide whether or not to implement your project.
  4. We provide a post-installation inspection.
  5. You get your incentive within 45 days of project completaion and receipt of required documentation. (Alternatively, you have the option to reduce the total cost of the project by the incentive amount, in which case a third party addendum will be required to allow the incentive to be paid to the program implementer.)

You have the option to have our program administrator manage your entire project, including permitting, installation and financing.

Incentives are based on property type and electric energy savings up to a percentage of total project costs.

Multifamily Property Type Definition
Low income   Properties where the majority of households earn less than 80% of the area median income $0.30/kWh up to 100% of total project costs
Market rate
Properties where the majority of households earn more than 80% of the area median income
$0.25/kWh up to 70% of total project costs

When you participate, we will ask you for the number of units and income level of tenants for your property. The area median income or median household income will be determined using the current census data provided by the American Community Survey (ACS), which gets updated annually. We will use the ACS census area median income for the county where the property is located.  

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