Wattsmart Drive

Get paid to use energy wisely

As an electric vehicle driver in Utah, you can earn rewards by optimizing your energy use with Wattsmart® Drive. Simply plug in your EV, and we’ll handle the rest!

How it works

This program allows Rocky Mountain Power to optimize energy use when demand for electricity is high by temporarily pausing your vehicle charging for up to 5 minutes at a time. 

You will be notified in advance of these occasional charging pauses, also called Plug-In Perk events. 

You can participate in the program whether you are at home, at work or on the go. After the event, your car will automatically return to regular charging. 


  • Earn annual bill credits 
    • Up to $100 during your first year 
    • Up to $50 for each additional year of participation
  • Help create a healthier environment
  • Keep costs down for all Utahns

Set your charging preference

You’re in control. If your battery is less than your defined level, we will not interrupt your charging session even if there is an active Plug-in Perk event. If you choose to charge during a Plug-in Perk event, this will count as an opt-out. You can choose to opt-out of up to two Plug-In Perk events per year and still earn your full incentive.

Consider Time of Use

Consider enrolling in our EV Time of Use pricing option to save money when you charge your vehicle and using other equipment during times  that have less impact on the environment, the electric grid, and can help keep energy prices down. Customers can enroll in both the EV Time of Use pricing option and Wattsmart Drive.

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