Utah energy rate options

If you drive a plug-in electric vehicle, you can enroll in one of two new time-of-use rate options. Under these options, the price you pay for electricity depends on when you use it.

If you charge your car and use other equipment during off-peak hours, you may save money on your bill. Plus, qualifying customers who participate for a year earn a $200 incentive.


  • Utah residential customers who own plug-in electric vehicles
  • Provide a copy of your DMV registration
  • Not participating in net metering or Subscriber Solar programs
  • Your account meets payment/credit criteria
  • One-year participation commitment
  • All of your energy use for your home will be subject to time varying rates – not just your plug-in electric vehicle 

Peak hours

You can save money by significantly reducing your energy use on weekdays between:

  • All months of the year: 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.
  • October through April: 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.

You'll pay lower prices on all other off-peak hours. Some holidays that fall on weekdays are also considered off-peak hours all day.

Choose between two rate plans


Pricing: 22.2755¢ per kilowatt-hour on-peak and 6.7881¢ per kWh off-peak

Summer and winter charts (rates are rounded slightly below)


Pricing: 34.3753¢ per kWh on-peak and 3.4003¢ per kWh off-peak

Summer and winter charts (rates are rounded slightly below)


Your energy costs could be higher under the time-of-use rate options. We will, however, guarantee that your energy charges won’t be more than 10 percent higher than they would have been on standard residential rates for your first year of enrollment. These options are best suited for customers who can use most of their electricity during lower cost, off-peak periods.


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