Savings and incentives

You can fuel an EV for the equivalent of about $1 per gallon of gasoline, which can make a big difference for your budget. In many cases, electric vehicles cost less to maintain than gas-powered cars because they have fewer moving parts. You can wave goodbye to oil changes and the gas station.

Options help you save

Federal, state & local incentives

Energy rate options

It’s best to charge your car at night and on weekends when there is less demand for electricity. 

In Utah, EV owners have choices for time-of-use rates. Under these rates, if you charge your car and use other home equipment during off-peak hours, you may save money on your bill.  

Idaho customers can enroll in the standard Time of Day program.

To further reduce your environmental footprint, enroll in our Blue Sky renewable energy program.

EV charger incentives

For customers in Utah, we also offer incentives for charging stations installed at home and work. Learn more