Irrigation Load Control

Irrigators who choose to enroll in this program can earn valuable cash incentives for curtailing electricity during peak demand periods.

Rocky Mountain Power partners with EnelX to provide an Irrigation Load Control Program. EnelX offers a pay-for-performance structure that rewards irrigators for their participation in events and their average available electricity use during program hours. This incentive comes  with  devices that provide real-time visibility into energy consumption. The  devices allow irrigators to use EnelX’s online portal to manage their peak demand and monitor the operations of their pump(s).


Contact EnelX to learn about incentive levels and to sign up.

  • Call 208-315-3223
  • Email EnelX's customer support team
  • Click on the Get Started button below to sign up online
Fast Facts
Eligible customers: Rocky Mountain Power customers served on Schedule 10.
Program period:

Week including June 1 through week including August 15. (voluntary events may be dispatched separately from June 1 through September 30).

Program hours: Weekdays, 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. Mountain Time.
Duration: Events are typically four hours (they can range from one to four hours), with a maximum of 12 event hours per week and 52 event hours per season. There is a maximum of one event per day and 20 events for the season.
Dispatch notification: Notification by 5 p.m. MT the day before an event. Dispatches may be cancelled anytime after notification of a scheduled event.
Compensation: Compensation is determined by multiplying the average load (kW) a customer can reliably shut-off during program hours by the incentive rate, adjusted for event participation. Each customer’s incentive rate is set by his or her average expected kW per pump.