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Rocky Mountain Power's voluntary Blue Sky renewable energy program is Green-e Energy certified. Detailed information including the renewable resources used to supply the program and the prices, terms and conditions of service is provided below.

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1. These figures reflect the renewable resources of the unbundled renewable energy certificates (RECs) delivered to Blue Sky customers in 2020.

2. New Renewables come from generation facilities that first began commercial operation within the past 15 years.

3. At the beginning of 2020, PacifiCorp forecasted to provide Blue Sky Block customers with a renewable energy product made up of 70% Solar and 30% Wind. However, due to resource availability in the Western region, PacifiCorp was required to change this projected mix; as a result, customers of Blue Sky Block received the following mix of resources in 2020: 48.1% Solar and 51.9% Wind. There was no change in cost to customers and this mix change is approved by the Green-e® Governance Board.

In 2020, the “basic fuel mix”, the average mix of energy sources supplying Rocky Mountain Power customers, is 51.44% coal, 19.47% natural gas, 11.32% wind, 5.13% hydro, 5.19% solar, 0.29% geothermal, 0.37% biomass, and 6.79% miscellaneous. This information is based on Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Form 1 data. The Rocky Mountain Power “basic fuel mix” is based on energy production and not resource capability, capacity or delivered energy.

Rocky Mountain Power’s basic fuel mix includes owned resources and purchases from third parties. All or some of the renewable energy attributes associated with wind, biomass, geothermal and qualifying hydro facilities in Rocky Mountain Power’s basic fuel mix may be: (a) used to comply with renewable portfolio standards or other regulatory requirements, (b) sold to third parties in the form of renewable energy credits and/or other environmental commodities or (c) not acquired. As of March 13, 2021, not counting compliance use, approximately 56 percent of the renewable energy attributes associated with 2020 generation and purchases was sold to third parties or not acquired. This includes all renewable energy attributes associated with a customer’s purchase of 157 megawatts of solar resources. This percentage may increase upon subsequent company sale of renewable energy certificates representing 2020 generation.

The average Rocky Mountain Power residential customer uses approximately 756 kWh per month.

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Blue Sky Block products are Green-e Energy certified, and meets the environmental and consumer-protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions.