Rocky Mountain Power Foundation update: COVID-19 relief and support funds

April 8, 2020

As our communities face unprecedented challenges and demand for vital services, our foundation recently committed immediate support for organizations that could provide critical far-reaching services in each of our states. We understand that there are many deserving organizations who also need COVID-19 relief and support funds.  

In continuation of this support, the Rocky Mountain Power Foundation is extending the March 15 grant application deadline, previously reserved for education related grants. We are now accepting funding requests for COVID-19 relief support through April 15.  

All organizations seeking COVID-19 specific funding, regardless of the typical grant cycle, should submit an application through the online grant management system. Our funding priorities will align with supporting our most at-risk community members and if there is available funding, the regular grant cycle related applications will still be considered. If you have already submitted an application and you would like to make changes specific to COVID-19, it is recommended that you resubmit a new application. 

The foundation will continue to accept COVID-19 related applications in each of our grant cycles throughout calendar year 2020. Those application deadlines are June 15 and September 15. You may apply at any time and your application will be considered in the next grant cycle.