Idaho regulatory filings

Advice filings, applications and associated testimony and selected exhibits filed by the company and submitted to the Idaho Public Utilities Commission for approval can be found in this section.  Information in this section is organized by Docket Number and/or Advice Number.

  • Case No PAC E 18 12 Application for Authority to Decrease Electric Service Schedule 191 - Customer Efficiency Services Rate
  • Case No PAC E 18 10 In the Matter of the Application of Rocky Mountain Power for Authority to Issue and Sell or Exchange Not More Than $2,000,000,000 of Debt, and Enter into Credit Support Arrangements
  • Case No PAC E 18 08 In the Matter of the Application of Rocky Mountain Power for Authorization to Change Depreciation Rates Applicable to Electric Property
  • Case No PAC E 18 07 Application Requesting A Prudency Determination on Demand-Side Management Expenditures
  • Case No PAC E 18 01 Application for Approval of $7.8 Million Net Power Cost Deferral with No Change to Rates
  • Case No PAC E 17 07 Application for Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity and Binding Ratemaking Treatment for Wind and Transmission Facilities
  • Case No GNR U 18 01 Application to Reduce Retail Rates by $2.8 Million to Pass A Portion of the 2017 Federal Tax Reform Act Cost Savings onto Customers
  • Case No PAC E 19 08 Application to Close the Net Metering Program to New Service & Implement a Net Billing Program to Compensate Customer Generators for Exported Generation