Four steps to beat the heat and save on summer energy costs

SALT LAKE CITY — Temperatures are on the rise as sweltering summer weather begins, which for some customers can mean higher bills – particularly for those still working from home.

Here are a few steps Rocky Mountain Power customers can take to save energy and better manage summer power bills:

  • Reduce indoor temperatures - Limit the use of heat-producing appliances such as blow dryers, clothes dryers, dishwashers and ovens. Grilling outside and air-drying clothes are great alternatives.
  • Avoid sun exposure - Close blinds or other window coverings to keep the sunlight from heating up your home. Blackout curtains and plantation shutters can be particularly effective in reducing excessive heat gain. After sunset, allow the night air to cool your home. If applicable, open windows throughout the house to allow the night breeze to flow through your home. 
  • Turn on a fan before cranking up the air conditioner – When possible, using ceiling fans and portable fans can be an effective alternative when it comes to keeping cool on hot days. Fans keep air circulating, create a cooling effect and are often a comfortable, less expensive option to running your AC.
  • Be AC savvy - Use a smart thermostat to set your air conditioner to run primarily when you are home.