Rocky Mountain Power is ready for summer’s heat

Summer heat

SALT LAKE CITY — With the forecast of several 100-degree days on the Wasatch Front in the coming week, everyone will be feeling the heat of summer. That includes Rocky Mountain Power’s electrical system, both from the outside temperatures and the increased customer demand for electricity.

“More electricity is used by our customers during the summer season than at any other time of the year,” said Curt Mansfield, Rocky Mountain Power senior vice president of power delivery. “Although we see the demand for electricity reach its highest point during the summer, we are confident about our network’s readiness for this summer.”

The demand for electricity typically reaches its highest point on a hot summer weekday afternoon, generally from about 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. That’s the same time power is needed to operate the summertime irrigation systems and the ever-increasing number of air conditioners.

“Understanding the climate and customer needs help us provide reliable electricity during this peak season,” Mansfield said.

At the end of each summer, Rocky Mountain Power reviews how the electrical system performed, and last year identified 55 projects that were completed prior to the 2023 summer season. Examples of the projects include:

  • Increasing system and distribution capacity
  • Installing new equipment such as switches, voltage regulators, etc.
  • Balancing and reconfiguring the electrical pathways serving customers in specific areas.

During hot weather, Rocky Mountain Power takes steps each day to keep electric service reliable for its customers by monitoring which substations and circuits have the highest use, identifying any potential trouble spots with solutions designed, generally by the following day.

Engineers and power system operators keep a close eye on area weather forecasts as well. Electric systems are sensitive to temperature, so the conditions that impact the electric system the most are a series of days when 100-degree highs are coupled with night-time temperatures that do not cool below 70 degrees.

“Customers also can take steps to manage their energy use during the summer peak season,” said Mansfield. “We have simple tips, programs and incentives for customers to increase their energy efficiency at home and in the workplace, particularly during the summer months. These steps save money for customers and help ease the stress on the electric utility system.”

To see a full list of energy-saving tips, visit the company’s website at Among the top energy-saving recommendations for summer are:

  • Set the thermostat as high as comfortable; for example, 78 degrees or higher when at home.
  • Tune up air conditioners each year and clean or replace filters monthly.
  • Operate the clothes dryer and dishwasher at night.
  • Prepare meals that do not require the oven.

More electric energy information is available on Rocky Mountain Power’s website at: