Rocky Mountain Power plans to more than double the number of ultra-fast EV charging stations in Utah

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah is in the midst of an ongoing battle to improve air quality along the Wasatch Front. During various periods of the year, the environment is besieged by fine particulate matter disseminated primarily by vehicle emissions from scores of drivers on local streets and roadways.

"Emissions coming from tailpipes of cars and trucks is still the number one source of air pollution along the Wasatch Front,” said Breathe Utah Executive Director Ashley Miller. “Zero emissions electric vehicles play a crucial role in the state's ongoing effort to improve air quality.”

The Utah Public Service Commission recently approved Rocky Mountain Power’s ambitious project that supports the continued build-out of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and is expected more than double the number of ultra-fast charging stations in Utah.

“Our goal is to increase adoption of zero-emission electric vehicles by adding more charging stations to the statewide network,” said James Campbell, Director of Innovation and Sustainability for Rocky Mountain Power. “We’re incorporating new innovative technologies to make it more efficient and cost effective for everybody.”

Miller said many of the barriers to EV adoption, like cost and availability, are quickly becoming a thing of the past with many more makes and models on the horizon.

“It is imperative the state continues to expand the infrastructure needed to support more of these clean vehicles on Utah's roads,” Miller said. “Let's not let infrastructure be the thing that "kills” the electric car."

By strategically expanding the state’s network of charging stations, Utah will be preparing for the future of continued growth in EV adoption.