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What is Landlord Link?

The Landlord Link program allows us to work together with property owners, landlords or property management companies to efficiently handle requests by tenants for service when they move in and out of rental units. 

Who is eligible?

Any property owner, landlord, or property management company that has a site or multiple sites they wish to place on the agreement. Enrollment in the Landlord Interim Billing Agreement program is required.

Benefits to landlords:

This program offers several benefits to you as a landlord:

  • Landlord Link will save time. Less time will be spent on the phone dealing with connection issues.
  • Landlord Link will end potential confusion about move-in dates, power use and responsibility.
  • You can be assured of accurate opening and closing bills with no backdating or meter-reading issues.

How does Landlord Link work?

When tenants move in and out of rental units participating in the program, they will work with the landlord to submit an online service application form.

When a tenant moves in, please complete the following steps:

  1. Give your tenant the tenant flyer (PDF)
  2. Provide your new tenant with the rental location meter reading and direct them to the online service request form.
  3. Or have your new tenant fill out the supplied form.
  4. Verify the form, check their ID and read the meter.
  5. Fax the form to us (or submit the form online).

Complete and submit the application form online or download the application form, complete and fax back.

For more detailed instructions, download the informational packet (PDF).

If you need more information about the program, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

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