Automated Meter Reading

Efficient, accurate and cost-effective meter reading technology

Rocky Mountain Power is always looking for ways to improve our service to you. As part of this commitment, we're installing new state-of-the-art automated meters at homes and most businesses throughout our Wyoming and Utah service area.

Why is Rocky Mountain Power implementing this project?

The automated meter reading technology will allow a meter reader to read your meter from a distance without entering your property. It will:

  • be more cost-effective and efficient because it reduces the number of manual readings required;
  • reduce safety hazard exposures for our employees and help improve preventable and non-preventable accidents;
  • result in fewer meter access issues –we will no longer need to enter your property each month to read your meter, so there's no unlocking your gates or keeping your pets inside on meter-reading days;
  • increase billing accuracy and reduce the need for rereads.

How do these new meters work?

Automated meters are equipped with radio modules that transmit meter data. A vehicle equipped with a radio receiver drives through neighborhoods and downloads information from the meters. The information is uploaded to our billing system.

Here's a step-by-step look at the process:


  1. A state of the art electronic meter is installed at your home or business. These meters are accurate and use secure radio frequencies.
  2. A Rocky Mountain Power utility vehicle, equipped with a computer and a radio receiver, can read your meter from the street; there is no need for us to access your premises each month.
  3. Meter data is sent to our billing system. This technology reduces human error, so you will receive fewer estimated bills.
  4. Your monthly electricity bill is generated with the information from our billing system.

There will not be any interference with electronic or medical devices in your home.

See below for a list of frequently asked questions:

Has this technology been used before?

Yes. By installing meters equipped with radio modules, we will be able to take full advantage of a proven technology being used by more than 100 utilities.

Who will be installing the new meters?

Utility Partners of America was selected in April to install automated meters for residential and commercial customers beginning in May 2011, with completion in December 2011. These installers will be identified as Utility Partners of America, authorized contractor for Rocky Mountain Power.

Where will these meters be installed?

In 2007, we installed these meters throughout the Wasatch Front in Utah. Since then we have also installed these meters at homes and businesses in Casper, Douglas, Glenrock, Rock Springs, Tremonton, Cedar City, Smithfield and Lake town. We are currently installing these meters in the remaining communities in Utah and Wyoming in the coming months.

What is the timing of the installation?

The project will begin May 2011 and will continue until December 2011.

How will I know the work has been completed?

You will receive a letter prior to installation. The actual installation will take less than ten minutes to complete. You will notice the new meters have digital displays, making them easier to read. You may also notice that you may have to reset digital clocks as a result of a brief power interruption during installation.

Will you ever need to access my meter?

Yes. Rocky Mountain Power will still need periodic access to maintain the meter, even though monthly access for meter reading will not be necessary.

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