Automated Meter Reading

Rocky Mountain Power installed automated meters at homes and most businesses throughout our Wyoming and Utah service areas.

Automated meters are equipped with radio modules that transmit meter data. A vehicle equipped with a radio receiver drives through neighborhoods and downloads information from the meters. The information is uploaded to our billing system.

Here's a step-by-step look at the process:


  1. A state of the art electronic meter is installed at your home or business. These meters are accurate and use secure radio frequencies.
  2. A Rocky Mountain Power utility vehicle, equipped with a computer and a radio receiver, can read your meter from the street; there is no need for us to access your premises each month.
  3. Meter data is sent to our billing system. This technology reduces human error, so you receive fewer estimated bills.
  4. Your monthly electricity bill is generated with information from our billing system.

There is no interference with electronic or medical devices in your home.

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