Account Alerts Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I receive alerts?

Follow these steps to get started:

Step 1: Sign in to your Rocky Mountain Power online account at right, or create a new account.

Step 2 (optional): If you would like to receive text messages, authorize your text number to receive messages from Rocky Mountain Power.

Step 3: Customize alerts for your account.

You can get outage alerts anytime by texting OUT or STAT to 759677.

Is there a charge to receive alerts?

No, this is a free service to you. However, text message and data rates from your wireless provider may apply. Check with your provider for your plan details.

How often will I receive alerts?

Alert frequency will vary based on the type of notification you choose and your electric account conditions.

Billing notice: When your bill is ready, this alert will include the amount due and due date. We will also alert you of any past due notices. Signing up for billing notices does not change your paperless billing status.

Payment reminder: When your bill has not been paid in full and your payment due date is approaching, we will send you a payment due reminder. Alerts will only be sent when your balance is greater than zero. If your account is enrolled in automatic payment, an alert will go out advising you that payment will be submitted for processing.

Payment confirmation: When a payment is applied to your account, we will send you an alert confirming the payment amount and your new balance. Payment confirmation alerts will include automatic payments, online payments, Western Union card payments, pay by check, pay station, drop boxes and energy assistance.

Power outage: When we are aware of an outage at your location, we will send you an alert with estimated time of restoration and notify you when power is restored. We may also send alerts if damaging weather is predicted in your area.

Programs and services alerts: From time to time we may send alerts that include newsletters, renewable options or ways to save energy.

Do you verify my cell phone number to confirm that I can receive text alerts?

Yes. When you enroll in text alerts, we will send an authorization code that you will need to provide to authorize your cell phone number. You do not need to authorize your cell phone number if you are already enrolled and are only updating your alert preferences. Authorization will be required anytime you make changes to the cell phone number.  

How do I stop my text alerts?

If you would like to de-enroll from any alerts, you can log in to your Rocky Mountain Power online account to manage your notification preferences. To stop receiving all and future text alerts, select “Manage online profile” from the right hand menu below the Log Out button, click “Edit” for the Text Alert Number, click “Remove this number” and click OK. You can also reply STOP to the most recent text received or to 759677.

NOTE: If the text number is associated with multiple accounts and you text STOP to 759677, this will de-enroll alerts from all accounts associated with that text number. If you would like to stop alerts from a specific account only, it is recommended to log in to your online account to manage your alerts.

Why am I no longer receiving alerts?

Messages will vary based on the alerts types you choose to receive. Please check your online account to confirm your alerts and verify that your text number has been authorized. If your number is pending authorization, visit “Manage online profile” from the right hand menu below the Log Out button and request a new authorization code. If your mobile carrier is listed as a supported carrier on our terms and conditions (PDF) and you are still not receiving alerts, please contact your mobile provider to ensure that text and short code messaging is enabled.  

I have multiple accounts in my name. Can I receive Rocky Mountain Power alerts for each one of my accounts?

Yes. You can sign up to receive alerts for each account. You will need to set your preferences for each account online.

I am moving to a new address. Will I continue to receive my alerts?

As long as you keep the same account number during your move, you will continue to receive your alerts. If a separate account number is assigned, you will need to register the new account online and sign up to receive alerts.

What happens if I change my email and/or cell phone number?

You can log in to your Rocky Mountain Power online account and select “Manage online profile” from the right hand menu below the Log Out button, and update your contact information. You will need to again authorize email and/or text when making changes.

Will I receive alerts even if I don’t report an outage?

Yes. You do not need to report your outage to receive alerts. You can enroll in Outage Alerts and choose how you want to be notified about outages that affect you. Options for notification methods are text message, email or phone. If you are not enrolled in Outage Alerts, we will contact you via email or phone to keep you informed about outages.

How do I know the email, text and call I received is really from Rocky Mountain Power and not spam?

Rocky Mountain Power alerts will be sent from the following channels:

Text: 759677 – Alerts will have a prefix of “RkyMpr Acct Alert

Voice: 1-877-508-5088 for outage or 1-888-221-7070 for account information


Which wireless carriers support Rocky Mountain Power text alerts?

The wireless providers supported by Rocky Mountain Power are listed in our terms and conditions (PDF).

Will you use my information for any other purposes?

We only use your information to contact and provide you with the information you request for this purpose. Rocky Mountain Power does not share or sell your information.  

What if I need help or have additional questions?

For help, reply HELP to the most recent text received or to 759677. You can also visit our Contact Us page on the website for additional contact information.  

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