CRE Connect

To engage the multi-tenant Commercial Real Estate (CRE) market in Utah with energy efficiency, wattsmart Business offers CRE Connect. One portfolio at a time, CRE Connect simplifies access to technical expertise and cash incentives from Rocky Mountain Power to improve energy efficiency and your net operating income.

Rocky Mountain Power partners with Waypoint to provide CRE Connect.

How CRE Connect works

CRE firms can enroll qualifying multi-tenant office properties in Utah. Once enrolled, the CRE firm will be walked through the process of benchmarking the firm's portfolio, on-site assessments, understanding business cases, and submitting wattsmart Business incentive applications – resulting in increased energy efficiency and electricity cost savings across the portfolio.

About Waypoint

Waypoint is an energy efficiency services firm which delivers utility programs for the CRE sector. Waypoint uses technology, data and a deep understanding of the utility industry to drive better insights, recommendations and programs such as Connect for its utility clients’ CRE customers.

CRE Connect brochure

Case study: Boston Building

To learn more or enroll, call toll free at 1-855-805-7231 or email.