Energy Usage Calculator

To gain a better understanding of your usage, complete the fields below for the items you use in your home and select Calculate.

Figures represent average monthly electricity usage. Keep in mind that heating and air conditioning costs vary and can account for as much as 50 percent of your energy use during peak seasons, depending on the size of your home, climate, construction, efficiency of equipment, insulation of your home and family living habits.

Step 1

This step outlines appliance usage that does not vary greatly regardless of the number of people in the household.

ApplianceNumber of appliances in houseAverage monthly usage (kwh)Total

Total estimate kwh of step one 0

Step 2

Complete step two, ONLY if you have an electric water heater. This step shows the average monthly usage of the electric water heater by size of household. Please select the number of people in your household from the menu.

Number of people in household

Average monthly electric water heater usage estimate in kwh 0

Step 3

This step includes the total from all steps

UsageGrand totals
Total kwh from step one
Total kwh from step two

Total monthly kwh usage 0

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