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We're your partner when it comes to saving energy and money, so we've put together this list of websites that have some excellent energy-saving advice, handy online tools and financing options.

You can also get information on programs and cash incentives we offer to customers in your state. Or order energy efficiency information and we'll mail you a free booklet.

Department of Energy online home audit  – Take a few minutes to complete this online survey about your home and its energy usage. You'll find out how you currently use energy and get detailed instructions on how to reduce your energy consumption.

ENERGY STAR home improvement tools – Learn how to improve your home's efficiency and stay comfortable .

Department of Energy – Access a variety of energy-saving information and tools.

Federal tax credits – Learn about federal tax credits for select energy efficiency upgrades.

Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency – Find a complete list of incentives for your state.

Using appliances efficiently – Find detailed energy savings tips and comparisons for many common appliances in your home.

Computer power management – Get instructions for your operating system and save energy.

Energy efficient mortgages – A comprehensive guide to energy efficient housing and green mortgages.

Idaho low-interest loans – The Idaho Office of Energy Resources offers five-year, low interest loans for energy upgrades.

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