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Rocky Mountain Power's provides historical aggregated electrical usage data to customers seeking to setup and monitor energy benchmarking for commercial buildings.

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What are the basic steps that I should take to get automated benchmarking data from Rocky Mountain Power?
  1. Set up an ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager account at
  2. Complete Rocky Mountain Power’s online Electrical Usage Data Request Form. Within that document, you will be asked to agree to our Terms and Conditions (PDF). If you have four tenants or less, you will also have to upload signed Tenant Release Forms (PDF) from each tenant. You will have to provide all the meter numbers for your building(s).
  3. Wait for your electrical usage data to be aggregated in Resource Advisor. (This can take up to 30 days).
  4. Complete the connection between your electrical usage data in Resource Advisor and Portfolio Manager. When your data is ready, you will receive an email notification that will contain your user name and password and you will be prompted to change your password once logged into Resource Advisor. Our step-by-step guide (PDF) will walk you through the connection process.  
  5. Obtain your Portfolio Manager rating. Login to your Portfolio Manager account and input additional information about your building (natural gas, water and other information) to receive a rating from Portfolio Manager.

What is Resource Advisor?

Resource Advisor is Rocky Mountain Power’s online tool to request whole building historic-electrical usage data for energy benchmarking. With Resource Advisor, aggregate building data will automatically transfer on a monthly basis to ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager. Rocky Mountain Power partners with Schneider Electric to provide electrical usage data to Portfolio Manager via Resource Advisor.

What is “whole-building data”?

Whole-building data means electrical usage amounts taken from all the meters in the building. It is important that you provide all the meter numbers for each building in the Electrical Usage Data Request Form.

Why does Rocky Mountain Power send aggregate building data rather than meter specific data?

The reasons for this vary, such as:

  • Aggregate usage data is required for the entire building to give it an ENERGY STAR rating.
  • Due to privacy laws, building owners do not have the right to automatically receive specific meter data for an account that belongs to a tenant.
Is the 2015 aggregate data start date January 1, 2015? When will I be able to access the aggregate data for 2015?

Yes, the start date for 2015 aggregate data is January 1, 2015. You will be able to access all of your 2015 data one day after your initial request has been approved and you have received an email with your Resource Advisor “UserID and password” and you have completed the steps (PDF)  to create an “electronic handshake” between Resource Advisor and ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. The “electronic handshake” is required by Portfolio Manager and allows access/permission for Resource Advisor to update your energy use.

How often will my electrical usage data be uploaded into Portfolio Manager?

Data to be uploaded on a monthly basis.

What if I have five or more tenants in my building?

If you have five or more tenants you are not required to attain signed electrical usage request forms from each tenant (signed request forms are only required for buildings with four tenants or less). 

Regardless of the number of tenants, you will have to gather all the meter numbers for the building and input them onto a spreadsheet and then upload the spreadsheet into the Electrical Usage Data Request Form.

What should I do since I have been manually uploading meter specific data for my building and I now want to access automated aggregate data uploads from Rocky Mountain Power?

Go into Portfolio Manager and rename the old building profile. This will help you retain old data for reference purposes. Then, follow these steps to request aggregated electrical usage data for your building.

I’m currently using the Green Button to collect usage data for my commercial building and uploading it into Portfolio Manager each month. Can I continue to do this?

Yes, if it’s just one meter that you need to input. But if there are several meters, the benefit of using Resource Advisor is that it will aggregate electrical usage for all the meters in your building. After you complete the initial setup, the updates will occur automatically each month to save you time.

I’m currently enrolled in Energy Profiler Online with Rocky Mountain Power. Can my data in Energy Profiler be transferred to Portfolio Manager?

No. The two programs are not related and do not “speak” to each other. You will have to complete the steps outlined at to begin receiving automated electrical usage data uploads into Portfolio Manager.

How do I set up my Portfolio Manager account for a campus?

Through Resource Advisor, Rocky Mountain Power supplies your Portfolio Manager account with each building’s electrical usage, whether it’s on a campus or a single building. You will have to set up your Portfolio Manager account to have it combine these totals into a campus level.  You will setup Portfolio Manager to take the total usage for each building and combine them into a Campus Total.

My building has a restaurant, bank and exercise center. I have separated these defined spaces in my existing Portfolio Manager account. Are these space-type designations in Portfolio Manager now in conflict with the new single number aggregate data from Resource Advisor?

Attribute points live at the ‘property use level’ in Portfolio Manager, but the consumption itself is at a property level. If this account has been setup up properly with these different retail spaces, restaurants etc. inside one building, then Portfolio Manager will divide the building consumption by the square footage for each space.

Resource Advisor creates a specific start time for data to be pushed to Portfolio Manager, which is a mandatory step in the program setup. Because the consumption data is “month-ised”, it always starts on the first of the month, but the start date is firm. Because each Portfolio Manager account has a different dataset with different bill dates, the program cannot look for data gaps and try to fill it on its own – and it’s not authorized to. It will be up to the user’s discretion to back-fill their data up to the program start if there are gaps.

Is the ENERGY STAR rating that shows up in Resource Advisor the same as the one in Portfolio Manager?

Yes, though it can take 24 hours for the data to sync. Data transfers occur during the night.

I’m selling my property and need to report energy usage to the prospective buyer. How do I get this information?

If you are just reporting energy usage,  request a high/low average for your account by calling Rocky Mountain Power toll free at 1-888-221-7070.

If you need to report an ENERGY STAR Score, then you will have to either upload your annual usage data directly into ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, or complete the Electrical Usage Data Request Form to request one-time data from Rocky Mountain Power.

How do I transfer benchmarking information to a new building owner or property manager?

Information on the process is available on ENERGY STAR's  Portfolio Manager website.

Who is Schneider Electric?

Schneider Electric manages Resource Advisor and is partnering with Rocky Mountain Power to provide aggregated electrical usage data to Portfolio Manager for our customers.

Where can I get help if I have questions?

For questions regarding your electrical usage data, please contact and include the address for your building in your email.

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