Energy Benchmarking


Track your building's electrical usage with Resource Advisor, Rocky Mountain Power’s tool to request whole-building, historic electrical usage data for energy benchmarking. With Resource Advisor, aggregate building data will automatically transfer on a monthly basis to ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager®.

Request Electric Usage Data

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STEP 1: Prepare to complete the Electrical Usage Data Request Form
  • It will be necessary to have your ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager account information. If you don’t have a Portfolio Manager account, you can create one via a link within the Electrical Usage Data Request Form.
  • You will have to input the meter number for each electric meter servicing your building. In most cases, this information can be found on your monthly Rocky Mountain Power bill.
  • If tenants within your building are billed separately for electric service, meter numbers will have to be input for those meters as well. For building owners with four tenants or less, each tenant will have to sign a Tenant Data Release Form (PDF) before Rocky Mountain Power can release their meter usage information. If there are five or more tenants in the building, or if the building is owner operated, the release forms are not necessary, but all the tenants’ meter numbers are still required.
  • Within the Data Request Form, you will be asked to review and agree to the Terms and Conditions (PDF) for Resource Advisor.
STEP 2: Complete and submit the Electrical Usage Data Request Form
STEP 3: Wait for your data request to be processed

Rocky Mountain Power will process and provide whole-building historic and ongoing monthly electrical use consumption data via Resource Advisor for the meter numbers submitted in your Electrical Usage Data Request Form. Once your Electrical Usage Data Request Form has been completed and submitted, it may take up to 30 days before the data is ready, depending on the number of requests in the queue.

STEP 4: Connect Resource Advisor to Portfolio Manager

When your Rocky Mountain Power data is ready, you will receive an email from Resource Advisor via Schneider Electric. The notification will contain your user name and password and you will be prompted to change your password once logged in.

Follow these step-by-step instructions (PDF) on how to establish the utility data connection with your ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager account. Once the data connection has been setup, ongoing electrical usage data will automatically be transferred to your Portfolio Manager account on a monthly basis, providing your property an ENERGY STAR Score or EUI Score.

If you have not received the login details for your Resource Advisor account within 30 days or are having trouble logging in, please reach out to Portfolio Manager Support.

STEP 5: Obtain your Portfolio Manager Score

To obtain EUI information or an ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager score, additional data for the building is required (natural gas usage, square footage and other building information). Please login to your Portfolio Manager account for complete benchmarking data requirements.

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Improve your score

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