Utah's Blue Sky Solar Farm

Rocky Mountain Power plans to build a solar farm in Utah. This is the first utility-sized solar project to be funded in part by Blue Sky customers and the utility intends to build more. The project is part of Rocky Mountain Power’s commitment to provide more renewable energy choices.

This will also be the first Blue Sky solar project that will provide renewable energy for all Rocky Mountain Power customers in Utah. For more than a decade, the company’s Blue Sky program has provided an easy and convenient way for customers to support renewable energy development in the western United States. Utah currently has more than 40,000 Blue Sky customers. Blue Sky funding awards also have helped to make possible more than 100 smaller renewable energy projects in Utah.

A growing number of Utah customers have indicated they want to buy electricity from renewable energy sources, especially in-state projects. Blue Sky customers are making it possible to build a solar project in Utah to help respond to that desire. This project is in addition to the renewable energy the company buys from wind and solar projects in Utah. Rocky Mountain Power is the second-largest, rate-regulated utility owner of wind resources in the country.

The exact location of the solar farm will be determined later after studies are completed and bids are received. In order to provide the best value for customers, Rocky Mountain Power will seek bids from qualified providers to construct the project and initially lease the facility in order to receive federal tax benefits.

Blue Sky dollars available for awards are limited, vary year to year and are offered on a competitive basis. Residential customers are not eligible to apply. Additional information and requirements about Blue Sky fund awards.

Rocky Mountain Power customers can choose to support Blue Sky renewable energy for as little as $1.95 per month. More information about Blue Sky.

Revised December 1, 2014

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