Our Environmental Commitment

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Protecting and enhancing the environment is a core principle for Rocky Mountain Power. Our efforts are focused on conserving natural resources, developing innovative solutions, growing renewable resources, reducing emissions, protecting habitats and more.

Air Quality

We employ innovative air quality initiatives to reduce environmental impacts. With our primary focus on reducing or avoiding emissions, we continuously develop and implement strategies to improve our performance. We are exploring technologies to capture carbon and other emissions from our power plants.

Wildlife & Habitat Protection

Protecting wildlife habitat is central to our goal of protecting the environment. We focus on preserving forests, grasslands and wetlands; reducing hydroelectric facilities’ impact on fish and wildlife; and implementing avian protection plans. We also use land reclamation techniques to restore habitat after dam removal and when completing mining operations.


Energy Efficiency

Saving energy conserves natural resources, reduces emissions and keeps electricity costs low. For years, we've offered wattsmart solutions to help customers save money and benefit the environment.

Renewable Energy

Wind, hydro and geothermal resources currently make up more than 30 percent of our generating capacity. We own 13 wind projects and purchase additional wind and solar resources to deliver cleaner energy to customers.  

Wind powerTo support renewable resources, Rocky Mountain Power has:

  1. Made renewable resources a key component of our Integrated Resource Plan – We will add 1,150 megawatts of new wind resources and upgrade or “repower” 999 MW of our existing wind fleet by 2020.

    PDF Renewable Resources Map
  2. Grown our Blue Sky program – More than 117,000 customers participte in our voluntary Blue SkySM program to support renewable energy in the western region. Sign up for Blue Sky »

  3. Advanced regional coordination – We led formation of the western Energy Imbalance Market, which is delivering lower cost, reliable electricity to customers while capturing the maximum value from renewable resources.

  4. Invested in transmission lines – Energy Gateway and other transmission projects are helping add renewable energy to the grid.

Clean Transportation

To reduce emissions and advance electric transportation, we've added several plug-in hybrid electric bucket trucks and sedans to our fleet.

Together with community partners, the Live Electric initiative is adding 700 new charging stations along Utah, Idaho and Wyoming highways.

We're also paving the way for more electric vehicles in Utah by providing charging station incentives, Time of Use rates, grant-based project funding and more. 

Smart Solutions Save Paper and Resources

With 35 percent of our customers choosing paperless billing, we are saving 245,000 pounds of paper each year. We also send reusable envelopes to customers who prefer a paper bill.

Customer bill statements are printed using waterless dyes, waxes and resins, which produces 90 percent less waste and uses 30 less energy than comparable printers.

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