Utah Program Changes FAQ

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What is the grandfathered net metering program?

Customers applying for a customer generation interconnection prior to close of business on November 14, 2017 are considered part of the grandfathered net metering program.

When does the grandfathered net metering program end?

Current net metering customers and customers who submit a completed interconnection application to the Company on or before the close of business on November 14, 2017 will remain on the grandfathered net metering program through December 31, 2035.

What happens after the grandfathered net metering program ends after November 14, 2017?

After the grandfathered net metering program closes to new applicants at the close of business on November 14, 2017, customers will remain subject to the effective Schedule 135 (PDF) through December 31, 2035.

After December 31, 2035, net metering rates will transition to customer generation rates effective at that time.

What is the transition program?

Customer generation systems applying for interconnection on or after December 1, 2017 are considered part of the transition program and will be subject to Schedule 136 (PDF) through December 31, 2032.

After December 31, 2032, net metering rates will transition to customer generation rates effective at that time.

Are there fees to apply on the transition program?

Yes, applications for service under Schedule 136 (PDF) will be subject to the following fees:

  • Interconnection review request (non-refundable):
    • Level 1 - $60 per application
    • Level 2 - $75 per application plus $1.50 per kilowatt of installed capacity
    • Level 3 - $150 per application plus $3.00 per kilowatt of installed capacity
  • Meter fee - $200 per meter
How much capacity is available on the transition program?

The cumulative interconnected nameplate direct current (DC) capacity of all customer systems on the transition program are limited as follows:

Residential Schedules 1, 2, or 3 and small non-residential Schedules 15 and 23
170 megawatts DC
Large non-residential rate Schedules 6, 6A, 6B, 8, and 10 70 megawatts DC
What if I have an existing facility or I have applied for interconnection and I want to modify it after November 15, 2017?

Net metering customers who submit completed interconnection applications prior to 11:59 p.m., local time on November 14, 2017, can modify their generation facility size and remain on the grandfathered net metering program as long as the modifications do not result in a system that exceeds 10 kW. Modifications to systems will not be considered “material modifications” as long as the total system size stays at or below 10 kW.

System modifications that result in a customer generation installation exceeding 10 kW will require a new application for interconnection and will no longer be part of the grandfathered net metering program. The new application will be considered under the transition program, subject to the transition program capacity cap.

System modifications that reduce the size of the generation installation/application will not be considered “material modifications,” regardless of the original or applied for system size.

I applied for the grandfathered net metering program, how long do I have to install my system?

All applications will have 12 months from the approval date to install the system. Upon request to Rocky Mountain Power, only large, non-residential installations will be allowed a six-month extension.

What if I want to change installers after I’ve already applied?

Changing your installer is no problem. Your application approval date will be based on your first application with your previous installer and you will remain on the grandfathered program. To update your installer, please email customergeneration@pacificorp.com with your project number and the name of your new installer. We place a hold on your application so you can modify the installer in the electronic application system. Once updated, your application will continue – you don’t lose your place in line.

I am applying for a larger system than I am ready for because I might want to install the rest later. Is this okay?

Regardless of whether you apply while on the grandfathered program or under the new transition program, the application will be reviewed and any costs assessed will be based on the size of the system requested on the application. If a smaller system is actually installed, the company will not refund any costs for interconnection based on the smaller size.

For the transition program, a customer may notify Rocky Mountain Power and amend the application to decrease the reserved capacity, which would release the unused reserved capacity under the cap. Interconnection costs will not be refunded based on the amended application.

I want to aggregate multiple meters to my transition program facility. Is this allowed?

Aggregation is under review for the transition program.

What happens to my grandfathered net metering participation if I move?

The grandfathered system and benefits stay at the address of original installation. It may not be moved.

If you are establishing a new system at a new location or removing the system from the original installation location, a new application will be required and it will be considered a transition program installation.

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