Load Research Study Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your participation in the load research study. It's important and required of us to analyze patterns of electricity usage and energy production provided by our solar generation customers.

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What is the purpose of this study?

This research is required by the Utah Public Service Commission and will help to determine the appropriate export rate for future private solar generation customers. The study will analyze patterns of electricity usage and energy production of Rocky Mountain Power solar customers. To gain the data and knowledge for this study, it is necessary to upgrade existing net meters, and install an additional meter and meter base at each selected location. 

Will the installation cost me anything?

No. There will be no cost to you. 

Why was I selected for this study?

You were randomly selected from all Utah solar customers. Based on the size of your solar generation system, we have determined that by installing a generation profile meter on your home or business, we will be able to produce a representative sample of solar customer generation throughout Utah.

Why is my participation important?

It is important that the customers that were randomly selected participate in this study. This ensures that our sample is representative of the entire population of solar generation customers in Utah.

Do I have to participate in this research?

Yes. Since you receive service under the provisions of the net metering tariff schedule 135, you are required to allow the company to install the necessary metering for our study.  Special condition 10 of Schedule 135 reads:

“A Customer participating under this Schedule may be randomly selected for installation of one or more load research meters, which may include a meter to measure production from a customer generation system. If randomly selected, a customer must allow the Company to install such load research meters at a mutually convenient location. Installation of load research meters will not impact customer bills.“

Additional information is available in this document (PDF).

How will the research obtained from this study be used?

The company regularly conducts load research studies. These studies provide Rocky Mountain Power information on how to effectively allocate costs, design rates, plan for load, size transformers and distribution circuits, and enhance customer service.

What sort of equipment will you be installing?

Depending on your current meter, we will be installing up to two pieces of equipment; 1) a bi-directional interval meter and 2) a generation profile meter. In most cases, your existing bi-directional interval meter will need to be replaced so that Rocky Mountain Power can measure the electricity delivered to and from your home on a 15-minute basis. A new bi-directional meter will be required because most residential and commercial customers currently have meters capable of only measuring deliveries to and from your home or business on a monthly basis.

A production profile meter will be installed in order to measure the amount of energy that your solar generation system produces on a 15-minute basis.

Who will be installing this equipment?

During the installation, Rocky Mountain Power will be installing both the bi-directional meter and the production profile meter. It is expected that both pieces of equipment will be installed during the same scheduled time.

Will my power be disrupted by this study?

The installation of the equipment will cause a short-term power outage, generally less than 60-minutes. We will work with you to try to limit any impacts to your home/business.

What should I expect during the installation process?

A representative from Rocky Mountain Power or one of our contractors with Cache Valley Electric will knock on your door and identify themselves to let you know we are on-site to perform work. Unless your meter is inside, they will not need to enter your home or business.

When will this installation occur?

Installations are scheduled to occur September through November. Rocky Mountain Power will be reaching out to you within a week or two prior to your actual installation date to schedule the installation.

Will I have access to the data also?

Yes. You will be able to view the amount of energy your system generates by reading and keeping track of register 14 (Total kWh) on your production meter. You will also be able to view the amount of your delivered and exported energy by reading and keeping track of register 14 and register 24 on your billing meter.

Who should I contact if I have any additional questions about this study?

If you have any additional questions please call 1-800-625-6078 or email customergeneration@pacificorp.com.  

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