Utah Customer Generation

Utah net metering update

On Sept. 29, 2017, the Public Service Commission of Utah approved a settlement agreement between several stakeholders related to residential customer generation.

The settlement capped the current net metering program November 15, 2017, allowing 'grandfathered' net metering customers to stay on the original program until 2035.

On November 15, 2017 the 'transition program' began for customers with new generation systems. Customers will receive ‘export credits’ for energy they export back to the grid. Usage and export credits will be measured in 15-minute intervals.

The settlement agreement included a diverse group of interested parties, including:

Rocky Mountain Power
Utah Office of Consumer Services
Utah Division of Public Utilities
Vivint Solar
Auric Solar, LLC
Intermountain Wind and Solar, LLC
Legend Solar, LLC
Utah Solar Energy Association
Salt Lake City Corporation
Utah Clean Energy
Summit County
Utah Citizens Advocating Renewable Energy
Park City Municipal Corporation

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PDF Utah Schedule 135 – Grandfathered Net Metering Program

PDF Utah Schedule 136 – Transition Program

State tariffs specify that customers are responsible for all costs associated with any modification to the generating facility that may be required to connect it to the larger utility system. Please note: Customer generation rules, credits and rates are subject to the oversight and changes made by the Utah Public Service Commission.


New interconnection agreements and applications for Schedule 136 transition program:

Level 1 - We use the PowerClerk system to process Level 1 applications.

PDF Level 1 Application for reference only. Please complete using PowerClerk.

PDF Level 2 Application

PDF Level 3 Application

Please note, net metering rules, credits and rates are subject to the oversight and changes made by the applicable state public utility commission.

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